On Trans-Generational Feedback Loops

This is one thing that has been fascinating me since 2009, when I first brought up this topic in a conversation with Susanne Cook-Greuter and James Ritchie-Dunham (www.ecosynomics.com) in Moscow. Cross-generational feedback loops and collaborations. Friendships and cooperation over the lifespan integrating numerous generations in dynamic meshworking. And here we speak of crosscultural allegiances and shared interests as well (in addition to creative differences in attitudes and perspectival addresses and vantage points). Later on I pointed out the importance of reestablishing the habit of elders in groups and across generations, by elders meaning not age but the capacity for multiperspectival grasp and heightened wisdom and compassion.

* * *

What I had in mind is more this: there are tectonic layers of human experiences which seemingly magnetize towards limited fulcrum generational points. People who were raised in the 50s have one flavor, in the 60s another, in the 70s yet another. It means that they still carry some kind of zeitgeist with them, some flavor of their “chronotope.” This flavor is a matrix of unique life experience which might be more advanced (in wise elders) and less advanced in some cases, but still is a unique adaptive, aesthetic, ethical, etc. response to reality which survived several instances of evolutionary selection. Furthermore, in Lower-Right quadrant various generations appear to be able to gain important positions in the societal hierarchical ladder, gain access to resources (money, networking resources, etc.) which they can channel towards those representatives of the newer generations who represent wisdom qualities of elders and leadership for their needs—if a transgenerational gap is proactively bridged by all sides in the interaction. This would significantly increase the relevance of what Kropotkin called mutual aid as a factor of evolution.

Experiencing transcendental sorrow

Nota bene: Getting in touch with an experience of sorrow—sorrow that transcends the limits of my current life, sorrow of millions of people who died on some human-made and natural disasters over the course of history—brings forth tears of mercy which relax and melt down all contractions.